Our Fridge

After more than 20 years living on board Banyandah, during our major refit we had definite ideas on how we wanted our refrigeration. Simple!


3 baskets that stack

I built a top opening box from 16ga SS that had a sloping recess on the hull side into which we mounted a fabricated U shape eutectic plate that acts like a freezer chamber similar to an old time fridge. Having had several Danfoss sealed units before, finding them efficient and well made, we had a refrigeration friend make up a capillary coil suitable for these 12-volt units. I then made three baskets from 4mm SS bent rod that interlock and stack one atop the other. Jude sewed vinyl around these to make easily cleaned storage areas.

The compressor is in a large cockpit storage locker, on the other side of the bulkhead to the fridge, short insulated plumbing connects. The condensor is fan cooled.


We like to be in control, and not have the fridge cycle day and night. Normally we run it one or  two hours in the morning during prime solar time and maybe another hour late in the day depending on outside temperature. When motoring any distance, we’ll load it up to the max, more beer, more water, and run it to store the extra cold. If leaving Banyandah for a several days away, we’ll do the same, and run the unit until the plate is frozen solid so we come home to cold beers.

Long-term storage on bottom, daily items up top, beers in the U. We don’t eat meat. But it will freeze, no worries about that.

Two trays removed – shows U eutectic plate

All trays in, well clear of the plumbing – never hit









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