1978 Mellish Reef
Amateur Radio Expedition

map Map of CORAL SEA

Sailing route of Banyandah

Each arrow equals one day

Herald's Beacon

Operators:(L to R)
Harry (Aus), Jim (USA), Bob (USA), Nobu (Japan)

Base Camp 700 mile from Land
Masses of nesting Noddies in background
Two multiband antennae plus one vertical
Three transceivers, Two petrol generators

Normally Uninhabited

The Last Contact

1978 Mellsih Reef VK9ZR QSL Card
16,000 cards exchanged verifying radio contact with Mellish Reef

Noddies nesting

baby noody

Spratly Island DXpedition 1S1DX ..........>>>
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Last Update 24 August 2003