1982 Mellish Reef
Amatuer Radio Expeditiure
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Map of Coral Sea showing route of S.Y. Banyandah Coral Sea
Route of Banyandah

Twenty Seven Day Voyage
Eight days sailing to Mellish
Ten days on Sand Cay operating VK9ZR
Two day sail to Willis Is. weather station
Four Days on Willis Is. operating VK9ZM
Three days sail to Cairns

Loading equipment at dockside

Crew for 1982 Mellish Reef DXpedeition
Our International Crew
Bruce, Harry, Franz, Fernando
Operating Site 1982 Mellish Reef
1982 Mellish Reef DXpedition Operating Site
Two weeks earlier, a cyclone had washed sand island smooth!
Jason and Jerome celebration
Jason and Jerome celebration


Mellish Reef Operators - VK9ZR
Fernando (Canary Islands), Harry (Aus), Franz (Germany), Jack (Aus), Bruce (Aus)
Population  Triples!!
Welcome to Willis Island
Population Triples!!

Numerous journeys to load radio equipment, personal baggage and passengers.

The Card sent out to confirm contact: QSL Card sent to confirm contact with VK9ZR

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