Caitlin and Michael ~ “Bass Voyager”

We took your advice and crossed the Strait to King Island, Three Hummock Island and, since yesterday, pretty Stanley!
We owe you a great debt of thanks as we have had such a wonderful time exploring the Western islands of Tassie – and now we are on the Tas mainland – a dream for both of us since we were kids!


Caitlin and Michael ~ “Bass Voyager” — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jack & Jude,

    You names and great experiences in your adventure in life to date, were drawn to my attention by John Turpie who, I understand met up with you in Yamba or Ballina a couple of weeks ago.

    I met John and his brother Steve when they sailed a Mottle 33 down from Brisbane in January this year to Lake Macquarie. I also have a Mark 2 High Sides Mottle 33 and, by sheer fluke, welcome them to the LMYC as we both came up to the Club’s marine where my yacht is housed.

    I have no doubt you will have already ascertained what a great, very interesting ,talented fascinating character John is. Wait till you meet his wife Syv. Equally fascinating …as are Steve and his wife Libby.
    [Edited for length]

    It would seem that as you two and I oved in parallel lives over the decades and, if per chance we get the time to meet, there would be many adventures to catch up. Best regards ( and fair sailing ), Paul Kennedy

    • Hello Paul, Yes indeed, two extraordinary men, and you seem quite unique as well. If we get down to Lake Macquarie we must meet, or if you get up this way let’s get together to spin a few high seas tales. Cheers, J&J

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