2007/09 Australia Circumnavigation
After 16 years on the land, in 2007 Banyandah was relaunched and immediately set off to circumnavigate Australia – the voyage taking 2 years.

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2009/10 Voyages of Banyandah
Once around Australia was not enough, so we sailed out our home port of Ballina, determined to witness parts of Australia missed on our first go round. One goal, reaching the summit of Mount Sorell, another, to witness where the last Tasmanian Aborigines were housed on the remote Flinders Island.

2010/11 Voyages of Banyandah
Banyandah wintered in Adelaide and upon our return, after slipping and heaps of work, we got down to the serious business of crossing the Great Australian Bight to explore islands and shorelines never seen before. We got as far as Albany, West Australia then sailed nonstop back across the Bight to Tasmania.

Our more distant past

1973/87 Voyages of Banyandah
From first launch in 1973 until 1987, Banyandah was the “home on the water” for the Four J’s – who in ever increasing circles explored Earth while educating two sons, Jason and Jerome. This album covers those years.

1970/73 Building Banyandah
We redesigned a Hartley South Seas 38′ traditional design to have a flush deck, centre cockpit with spacious aft cabin, then built her in the backyard of a rented three bedroom semi-detached house. To save money we leased the third bedroom to a nice young fellow, our two infants shared a bedroom and we occupied the front room.

1968/69 African Honeymoon
Married in the north of England, Jack and Jude rebuilt a derelict VW Van then drove this rattletrap through the Sahara, Congo, East Africa until reaching Johannesburg in South Africa. A journey taking 15 months.

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