1974/90 Voyages of Banyandah

Sailing around the World in Ever Increasing Circles

From first launch in 1973 until 1990, Banyandah was the “home on the water” for the Four J’s – who sailed around the world in ever increasing circles, exploring Earth while educating two sons, Jason and Jerome. We sailed more than 120,000 nautical miles and visited around 80 countries. Besides numerous remote rock outcrops and coral cays, the Galapagos and Easter Island standout, and our seven months living in Japan fascinated us.

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74 Jas Jer pool.jpg1975-boys-pool-on-B.jpg75_Solomons big fish.jpg740004.jpg750001.jpg750002.jpg750003.jpg750001F.jpg750005.jpg750006.jpg76 solomon slide.jpg76 bali  JJJ.jpg76 indonesia fancy dress.jpg76 indonesia painting.jpg76_Malayasia_Lumut family.jpg76_Malaysia four_in_a_row.jpg76_Malaysia_ family.jpg76_Malaysia_Lumut.jpgIMG_0016  Jack sextant scan.jpg76_Singapore on hard.jpg77 burong chamer.jpg77 thailand mini charter.jpg77_Thailand bannas JJ.jpg78 thailand police JJ.jpg77_Thailand nai harn.jpg78 thailand depart.jpg78 sri lanka voyage2.jpg78 Sri Lanka voyage arrive.jpg78 Sri Lanka galle fish.jpg78 Sri Lanka elephant sit.jpg78 Sri Lanka elephant JJJ.jpg78 sri lanka Jason wash.jpg78 sri lanka lifeboat.jpg78 sri lanka tea family.jpg78 sri lanka tea pack.jpg78 sri lanka tea pick JJ.jpg78 sri lanka tea weigh.jpg78_Maldive boat.jpg78 maldives school.jpg78_Maldives boys.jpg78_Maldives JJ vanesa.jpg78_washing hair.jpg78 mellish map.jpg78 mellish_group boat.jpg78 mellish slide6.jpg78 mellish base.jpg78 mellish_jack nob.jpg78 mellish slide3.jpg78 mellish jude baby.jpg78 mellish_jude bobbie.jpg78 mellish_noddies.jpg78 mellish slide.jpg780008a.jpg79 micronesia8.jpg79 micronesia9.jpg79 micronesia17.jpg79_Micronesia7.jpg79_Micronesia6.jpg79_Micronesia2.jpg790003F.jpg79 philippines.jpg79_Phillipines_ Palawan el nido.jpg79 phillipines jude.jpg79 brunei mosque JJJ.jpg79_Brunei mosque.jpg79_Brunei fish market2.jpgIMG_0011 79 Oct Banyandah Brunei antifoul scan.jpg79_Spratly map.jpg79_Spratly voyage navigate.jpg79 spratly voyage crew.jpg79 spratly amboyna military.jpg79_Spratly barque4.jpg79_Spratly barque2.jpg79_Spratly barque3.jpg79 barque canada_stew_K4SMX.jpg79 barque canada reef2.jpg79 barque canada reef.jpg79_Spratly_Brunei success.jpg790008a.jpgIMG_0012 79 Dec Jason Coral Trout scan.jpg80 japan banyandah sakurajima.jpg80 japan jude sailing.jpg80 japan castle.jpg80 japan hakodate.jpg80 japan jerome fish market.jpgIMG_0022 80 Sep Jerome in bucket Niigata Japan scan.jpgIMG_0021 80 Sep Jerome turns 9 scan.jpg80 japan lady painting hakodate.jpg81 tokelau1.jpgIMG_0010 Jerome Jason tuna scan.jpg81 tokelau2.jpg81 tokelau9.jpg810001.jpg81 Kingman site flag.jpg81 Kingman from masthead.jpg810004a.jpgKingman QSL.jpg1981 Fiji JJJ Turtle.jpg82 lord howe sail JJJ.jpg82 norfolk kingston.jpg82 norfolk kingston JJ.jpg82 norfolk ball bay boat.jpg82 norfolk ball bay JJ.jpg82 norfolk grave JJ.jpg82 norfolk voyage JJ.jpg82 lord howe pyramid.jpg82 lord howe island.jpg82 coffs Banyandah1.jpg82 coffs family big.jpg82 coffs family boat.jpg82 coffs kids study.jpg82 mellish boys.jpg82 heralds beacon.jpg82 mellish10.jpg82 mellish7.jpg82 mellish jack.jpg82 mellish harry 2.jpg82 mellish group big.jpg82 mellish daybreak.jpg82 mellish dead bird1.jpg82 mellish dead bird2.jpg82 mellish dead bird.jpg82 mellish pumice.jpg82 mellish diving.jpg82 mellish.jpg82 cairns boat.jpg850001F.jpg84_Madagascar_jerome.jpg84 africa darsalam boat.jpg84 africa black ladies.jpg84 africa car turtle.jpg84 africa hippo dead.jpg84 africa hippos JJ.jpg84 africa hut jude.jpg84 africa nakuru JJJ.jpg84 africa stork JJJ.jpg85_egypt bethsheba.jpg85_egypt cairo muesum jude.jpg85_egypt cairo muesum tomb JJJ.jpg85_egypt cairo muesum tut tomb.jpg85_egypt cairo musesum JJJ.jpg85_egypt cairo_3J.jpg85_egypt cairo_ JJJ.jpg85_egypt coral trout.jpg85_egypt fishermen 3J.jpg85_egypt fishermen Jack JJ.jpg85_egypt guide JJJ.jpg85_egypt luxor temple.jpg85_egypt luxor tomb JJ.jpg85_Turkey capadocia1.jpg85_Turkey_Ephesus2.jpg85_Turkey_Ephesus Jerome.jpg85_Turkey_Ephesus1.jpg85_Greece Jerome view of boat.jpg85_Greece JJJ_view.jpg85_malpelo rock.jpg85 malpelo_JJ.jpg85_malpelo cave JJJ.jpg85_malpelo boobies.jpg85_malpelo lizard.jpg85_malpelo peak jason.jpg86_Ecuador Quito church.jpg86_Ecuador_Quito.jpg86_Ecuador_Quito statue.jpg86_Ecuador indian food.jpg86_Ecuador indian jer.jpg86_Ecuador indian market2.jpg86_Ecuador indian market3.jpg86_Ecuador indian market.jpg86_Ecuador indian pig jer.jpg86_Ecuador Manta.jpg86_Galapagos harbor JJJ.jpg86_Galapagos iganua Jack Jas.jpg86_Galapagos iganua8.jpg86_Galapagos iganua jer1.jpg86_Galapagos albatross fly.jpg86_Galapagos albatross.jpg86_Galapagos cave.jpg86_Galapagos gull jas.jpg86_Galapagos lava jas.jpg86_Galapagos lava heron.jpg86_Galapagos pelican feed.jpg86_Galapagos pelican nest.jpg86_Galapagos seal jas.jpg86_Galapagos turtle clan.jpg86_Galapagos turtle love1.jpg86_Galapagos volcano JJJJ.jpg86_Galapagos volcano climbing.jpg86_Galapagos volcano inside.jpg86_Galapagos whale bones.jpg86_Galapagos_bus.jpg86_Panama voyage.jpgeaster is.jpg860001M.jpgeaster.jpgEaster5.jpgEaster17.jpgEaster12.jpgEaster1.jpgEaster8.jpgEaster26.jpgEaster33.jpgEaster15.jpgEaster18.jpgEaster19.jpgEaster20.jpgEaster21.jpg810005.jpg