2010/11 Voyages of Banyandah

Banyandah wintered in the protected backwaters of Adelaide, 10 miles up a mangrove inlet within sight of a major power plant. Upon our return we had heaps of work to do to get Banyandah ready for her many miles ahead. Careful preparation is a key to safe sailing.

From Adelaide, using the strong EAST winds along the south coast, we paid a visit to Anna and Timmy, now expecting their first child. Then we got down to the serious business of crossing the Great Australian Bight. We explored islands and shoreline we’d never seen before, looked for historical relics, recorded new vegetation, and unfortunately witnessed the continued demise of the wild kingdom.

In three months we had sailed as far as Albany in West Australia, and then decided that more exploration of Tasmania was needed and turned about. Where previously we had had a lovely easy voyage across the Southern Ocean, this time we got hammered…

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