1970 / 73 Building Banyandah

Home built boat in Sydney Australia – we redesigned a Hartley South Seas 38′ traditional design to have a flush deck, centre cockpit, spacious aft cabin. This gave our kids the freedom of forward cabin, Jude and Jack privacy aft. A major feature, the solid dodger providing a sanctuary from foul weather.

Construction took place in the backyard of a rented three bedroom semi-detached house on Sydney’s north shore. To save money, we leased the third bedroom to a very nice young fellow, our two young sons shared the second bedroom and we occupied the front bedroom which also contained Jack’s office for contract drafting.

When the huge structure was just up, the local building inspector put his head over the back fence and ordered us to immediately halt construction. Seems he thought we needed a permit. But instead of stopping, we plowed on full speed ahead and presented a plan at the next council meeting to finish within six months. They gave us the go-ahead as long as the neighbors didn’t complain. No-one did. It became a local project with many hands making fast work. – Still, it took three years of seven day weeks to launch. So do not attempt such a project unless you are willing to work day and night forsaking almost all social contact.