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Welcome, We are Jack and Jude who homebuilt our beloved Banyandah then sailed the world for sixteen years with our twos sons. More recently, from 2007 to the present, just the two of us aboard the very same vessel have cruised round and round Australia, our homeland.

Practical Boat Bits and Tips by Jude Binder Two's a Crew Australia Circumnavigation Where Wild Winds Blow
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Over those many years, as nearly 200,000 miles slipped under our keel, we made significant improvements to our floating home. Simple, effective improvements to add to our safety and comfort. Jude has complied a photo book of the very best of these easy to implement ideas in a book she calls; Practical Boat Bits and Tips – It is available in both paperback and electronic format for immediate download.

Electronic Format ~ Immediate Download ~ $5 each
Paperbacks ~ delivered worldwide ~ $20 / 25 each

We have a fiery desire to encourage everyone into this wonderful life of adventure, beauty and affinity with Earth. Therefore we decided at the very start to make our publications available at little cost. As self funded retirees, We are non-profit, putting the excess back into better equipment to better bring the magical Earth closer to all, in hope that collectively we may bring about a change in destiny for Earth and her creatures. Join with us to help make Earth the Garden of Eden she is meant to be.


We have produced 4 DVDs of our adventures around Australia. They not only show the beautiful scenery on this sparsely populated island continent, they demonstrate how Jack and Jude manage a 13 tonne vessel in their mature years. If you love the great outdoors, you will enjoy our tramps through virgin lands and mountains and kayaking up rivers few have seen.

Please note these are SD PAL format. They will play on PAL TVs, your computer, DVD players, and probably on digital Television.

DVD Two's a Crew - Australian Circumnavigation DVD Tasmania 2010
DVD South Australia 2010 DVD Tasmania 2012



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