1968 / 69 African Honeymoon

Married in the north of England, Jack and Jude rebuilt a derelict VW Van then drove this rattletrap south through the Sahara, Central Africa, Congo, East Africa until finally reaching Johannesburg in South Africa. A journey taking 5 months.

This mega adventure has now been written up from dairy notes and is the first of sixteen short stories in on latest book, Reflections in a Sailor’s Eyes.

Click on any image to bring up the viewer. Arrow keys navigate. Escape returns.

68 jack judith.jpg69_afr-3.jpgafr_map.jpgfez.jpginsala.jpginsala2.jpgdesert6.jpgdesert2.jpgdesert4.jpgdesert3.jpgdesert8.jpgvan5.jpg69 arab.jpgdesert7.jpg69_afr-37.jpgagadez.jpgkids.jpg69 meat market.jpgmarket.jpgmarket4.jpgcongo2.jpg69 vw congo.jpgcongo.jpg69 ant line.jpg69 elephants crossing .jpg69 elephants.jpgelephant.jpg69 mt kenya3.jpg69 mt kenya1.jpg69 mt kenya2.jpg69 flamingos Nakuru.jpg69 stork Nakuru.jpg69 stork flying.jpg69 pelican.jpg69 birds flying Nakuru.jpg69 mottled bird bread.jpg69 mottled bird.jpg69 giraffs.jpg69 plains.jpg69 zebra Serengeti.jpg69 wilderbeast Serengeti.jpg69 giraffe Serengeti.jpg69 lion Serengeti.jpg69 hyena Serengeti (2).jpg69 hyena Serengeti.jpg69_afr-65.jpg69 bedford jack judith.jpg69 serengeti.jpgbridge.jpg69 victoria falls.jpg69 mine dancing group.jpg69 african dancing.jpg69 drakensburg gate judith.jpg69 judith jack northern star.jpg