Where Wild Winds Blow

The story of two modern-day explorers deeply in love
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Where Wild Winds Blow ~ third edition
Our journey begins at an easy pace sailing down the NSW coast dreaming of our earliest voyages. Then it explodes into action when we land at Flinders Island in the Bass Strait and finally get to visit Wybalenna. After that Jack and Jude again do the unexpected by walking forty kilometres along a rail track shrouded in rainforest to document the 100 years of mine pollution into Tasmania’s King River. Then it’s back to action when we take on the tempestuous Great Australian Bight to explore the Nuyts Archipelago first recorded by our earliest explorers. Crossing the Bight to the equally remote Recherche Archipelago, in granite country now and totally different from Nuyts dry sandstone, we found groups of isles rising out the mist like mermaids with pearl pendants. At Albany, we turned about and found the Great Southern Ocean in a feisty mood as we struggled to escape cold, wet, south winds that kept driving us further and further off course – until we were quite delighted to get into somewhere quiet and dry in time to celebrate Jude’s birthday. From there a very pleasurable journey began.
Inside Where Wild Winds Blow, our earliest explorers share their views on places encountered. And like Sir Francis Chichester, who is one of our heroes, we bare our fears and intimacies and enjoy being evocative to stimulate dreams and give justice to this amazing Earth. Along with that, technical advice on how just the two of us manage Banyandah, simply explained as we go along.

For sailors and dreamers. Illustrated with 80  B+W photos and maps.
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Where Wild Winds Blow — 5 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed your first book and was looking forward to Where Wild Winds Blow.
    It’s a great read, and I was surprised that I couldn’t put it down for I had already followed you on your blog. The historical notes are always very interesting and I loved how you included stories from your past sailing adventures too.
    You both have a wonderful and infectious sense of adventure.

  2. Where Wild Winds Blow has changed my life. I read your dedication from a copy in the library and immediately bought your book even though I have never sailed and may never step on a boat. The thought scares me. But through you two, I have vicariously experienced true love and known the courage Earth’s great explorers must have had. God Bless.

  3. You guys are amazing! My partner and I are building a boat and found your voyage under Australia to be so inspiring. Quite clearly you told us about the importance of having routines in place, who does what, what to watch for. We purchased all three of your books and reading them has given our confidence a big boost. Thank you.

  4. I thought your book was an easy read, as if you were speaking to me. I loved all the action, but the historical notes made me realize just how much you two have learned in your travels. Please write another. I want to read how you two got started. Inspirational for me, I’m a new father.

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