Explore Earth’s Land and Seas
with Jack and Jude
A Little About Us

In 1968, Our African Honeymoon began a most amazing journey.
Overland through Africa – Alkebu-lan
“The mother of mankind” in one of her most violent, confused times.

Next stop Australia
Where we built a sailboat and created
a family.


After that, we took our sons around the world in ever-increasing circles.

We called them voyages of education – Our life for 16 years

A lot of tough miles and hard lessons resulted in a fascinating boatload of stories.

With hundreds of thousands of sea-miles under her keel, we stopped to establish a base

Doing that, we set sail again for another fling – around Australia, again and again.

Mellish Reef Anchorage

And took yet another voyage deep into the Coral Sea
This time to search for sunken treasure.

Cape Pillar from Cape Hauy

Tasmania has taken our fancy these last 5 years.

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