Explore Earth with Jack and Jude
A Little About Us

In 1968,
Our African Honeymoon began a most amazing journey.
Overland through Africa, Alkebu-lan, “the mother of mankind.”

Next stop Australia
Where we built a sailboat
while creating a family.


After that, we took our two sons around the world in ever-increasing circles.

We called them voyages of education – Our life for 16 years

A lot of tough miles and hard lessons resulted in heaps of wonderful stories.

With nearly two-hundred thousand miles under our keel, we stopped to establish a base

Then we set sail again for another fling – around Australia, again and again.

Mellish Reef Anchorage

We took yet another voyage deep into the Coral Sea – in search of sunken treasure.

Cape Pillar from Cape Hauy

Tasmania has taken our fancy these last 5 years.

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