Kimberley Mud Maps

“Mud Maps” – A map drawn on the ground with a stick, or any other roughly drawn map.

These are jpg images that can be printed on A4 paper, 24 sheets in the set. They show most of the Kimberly river entries based on work completed by the catamaran Topaz with 1 M draft, with added notes from Wings with Nan and Rick.

We used some of these in our journey through the Kimberley and found them invaluable.
BUT IT MUST BE NOTED that monsoonal rains in the Top End can alter rivers and their entries, so take these MUD MAPS as advisory only. Ultimately you are responsible for the safety of your ship and crew. These are dangerous waters no matter how many gadgets are on board or how many miles sailed.

There are FOUR LARGE files containing 6 mud maps each – – –

OR individual files are available: img001.jpg img002.jpg img003.jpg img004.jpg img005.jpg img006.jpg img007.jpg img008.jpg img009.jpg img010.jpg img011.jpg img012.jpg img013.jpg img014.jpg img016.jpg img017.jpg img018.jpg img019.jpg img020.jpg img021.jpg img022.jpg img023.jpg img024.jpg img025.jpg


Kimberley Mud Maps — 2 Comments

  1. And a lover of mud maps, we’ve spent many years walking using these types of maps. Absolutely beautiful, Some of the ideas you’ve given us. I’d love to get in contact with you. Sounds like you’ve done some beautiful adventures. Regards John and Janine Ball Inverell New South Wales (Phone number removed for privacy)

  2. Good morning
    My yacht Josida, white Huon pine motor sailer, was sharing slip time with you at Kettering Tassie about 12 months ago.
    Presently in Port Douglas waiting to go further north across Kimberley poss. Perth and back to Tas. for the summer.
    Your mud maps should come in handy thanks.

    Hi David ~ We do indeed remember our time in Kettering. Delighted to hear you’ll cruise the Kimberley where we were since leaving you. Please keep in mind the caveat that Top End river entries can and do change. Those mudmaps outline lots of attractions, and some of the dangers, but drop us a line if we can help any further.
    Jack and Jude

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