Coral Sea Photo Album

Our mission: To explore Coral Sea reefs and islets, film their exotic beauty and wildlife, and compare from a layperson’s view any changes we perceived from our previous visits out there in the Coral Sea during the 70s and 80s. The SE trades are reinforced at times during June, July, and August. Be that as it may, we wanted to film the seabird winter breeding season.

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Coral Sea Photo Album — 4 Comments

  1. Fabulous photos you guys. Nice to be linked into your site and catch up with your goings on every now and again.
    You may be in Hobart when Aurora Australis gets in from Casy Base Antarctica on Wed morning. She has a few friends of mine on board who were rescued off the Akademik Shokalskiy.
    Congrats on another grandson. Would love to see you again someday. Jude – hope the knee is cooperating with your plans.
    Doing my final Oral exam in 3 weeks for Skipper M5 and MED 3. It’s been a 2 year jaunt. I did The North West Passage a summer 2012. Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Greenland then west through the passage following Amundsons route. Made our way to Aleutians..pulled out in Homer. 6,000nm in 5 months. Lots of ice. Not sure if you visited my blog.
    Anyway hope you two are well.
    All for now.
    Much love
    Don’t have your email address

  2. Fantastic! I could almost smell the salt air and feel the breeze. Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are magnificent photoes Jack. I loved each of them. One day I hope i will be travelling some fantastic places of Australia 🙂

    Good luck and good winds.

  4. Absolutely awesome pictures of some fantastic places. We had a presentation last night at our Cruising Division meeting from the skipper of ‘Reef dragon’ who did an almost identical trip this year. You win the photo comp hands down (but please do not tell the skipper!).
    Good luck for the rest of your journey.