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READER’S REVIEW by Master Cox ~
Banyandah has just passed through Panama and is heading for Malpelo Island in my reading.  I enjoyed your descriptions of the Caribbean and Panama.  The way you combine personal anecdote with history and local politics creates vivid word portraits that stay in the mind.  It adds depth to the experiences you describe and your interactions with the local populace.  Poor Jerome, getting a bollocking for cinching the boat up short, though in the heat of the moment most skippers would have lost their cool.  However, having read of the depth of your relationship with the family, your deep affection for them, meant there was no harsh judgement from me as a reader, more a feeling of intimacy and appreciation that you would allow me to glimpse your human frailty.  That is really one of the strengths of your writing, the way it allows the reader into your life.  And overshadowing the event, the narrative gives the reader an awareness of the history and dynamics of this extraordinary place, where so many died in the construction, where nature is harnessed to create overwhelming power, where the slightest mistake could cost boats and lives, and how local politics is affecting the safe operation of the canal.  It is the blending of these different narrative strands that gives the writing such power.

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