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Trailers for our Full-Length Films – All films now wide screen. 

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Sailing from Mellish Reef – the most distant Coral Sea Islet – 1:38 min
Sailing Fast Outside Great Barrier Reef – Storm conditions – 6:50 min
Wild Creatures of Diamond Islet – Describing nesting seabirds and anchorage – 10:12 min
Kenn Reef – Lagoon anchorage shown in cluster of atolls – 4:40 min

Kimberley Rock Art Adventure – Bradshaw art long version 9:10 min
Kimberley Rock Art Adventure – Bradshaw art short version 5:15 min
Kimberley Rock Art REVISITED – taking fellow yachtsmen up waterfall to art – 12:34 min

PORT DAVEY – SW Tasmania: (Play List)
Mount Rugby from Frogs Hollow – Waterfall and Sea Eagle – 1:09 min
Climb Mt Nares from Hannant Inlet – 360 views of Port Davey and SW coast – 16:40 min
Paddle to find Black Swans in Spring River – search for flocks seen there years past – 4:21 min
Rainy day walk to Manwoneer Inlet – Erskine Ranger and Joe Page Bay – 3:52 min
Paddle to Hehir Island – views over Mt Rugby and Joe Page Bay – 5:43 min
Paddle to North River – Reflective views over Bathurst Harbour and North Inlet – 12:26 min

Macquarie Harbour
Finding the Farm in Farm Cove – Circa 1825, convicts plant garden – 8:05 min
Wilderness Grave Stone, circa 1900, trek from Kelly Basin – 12:10 min
Wilderness Grave Stone – Farm Cove thru forest & heath uninhabited since early 1900s – 7:34 min
Mount Sorell Plateau – Bush walk, no track – 10:17 min
A Walk Up Table Head – Macquarie Harbour West Coast Tasmania – 2:39 min
Voyage King Island to Strahan – landing large Tuna – 2:15
World Heritage Gordon River aboard Stormbreaker with Captain Trevor Norton – 6:15 min

FINDING GOULDS TRACK Gordon River – a five-year project:
Search SW Forest for Piners bridge that led to finding Hydro signs and Goulds Track – 8:03 min
Sandstone Creek Camp – 2:26 min
Shoe Road and Bridge across Sandstone Creek – 5:07 min
Trek out from Sandstone camp w/views overlooking Franklin River Valley – 4:13 min
Finding Last Link between Sir John Falls to Morrison Camp on upper Gordon River – 4:46 min
Bauera – The Bushman’s Curse – Nothing is more challenging – 5:12 min

Flight over Isolated West Coast Tasmania – Sloop Rocks – Mystery Lakes – 6:18 min
Hells Gate, one of the most feared entrances, what it looks like and how to safely enter- 4:36 min
Farm Cove Anchorage – 0:57 min
Kelly Basin Anchorage – 3:16 min
Grassy Harbour – anchorage & obstacles leading into harbour, its history and background. – 2:25 min

2011 Sydney Hobart yacht race finish Featuring Jessica Watson – 3:45 min
Rum and Preservation Island ~ Explore the Furneaux Group – 5:06 min
Casilda Cove Port Davey, SW Tasmania sheltering from storm winds – 8:29 min
Hitchhiking Sooty Terns Western Australia on a voyage from Shark Bay to Geraldton – 1:11 min
Dolphins Having Fun – 4:28 min
Monkey Mia Tour Western Australia – lovely beaches facing calm, clear, waist deep water – 3:58 min
Dawe Island Western Australia Southern Ocean – Lonely outpost in Recherche Archipelago – 8:51 min

Betsy’s Bay Track Tour and Track Clean up – 6:54 min
Macquarie Harbour – Scary Gunge 1 April 2017 – High Nutrients causing disaster – 2:35 min
Macquarie Harbour – Scary Gunge – REVISITED one year later – 7:42 min
Macquarie Harbour – Farm Cove Fish Farm Trash – 4:45 min
Macquarie Harbour – Farm Cove Trash – REVISITED one year later – 5:06 min
Macquarie Harbour – Farm Cove Trash UPDATE 28 March 2019 – 4:20 min
Macquarie Harbour Brisbane Bay survey and farm trash May 2019 – 6:57 min
Macquarie Harbour survey of Farm Trash five locations Dec 2019 – 11:42 min

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1982 Coral Sea DXpedition
1982 Coral Sea DXpedition

If you are wondering how we paid the bills when we cruised the world with our children from 1974 to 1988,
watch this:

Cap’n Jack


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