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True Stories from the Sea and Faraway Places

An odyssey lasting not the one year first imagined.

Reflections in a Sailor's Eyes

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Reflections in a Sailor’s Eyes follows our exploration of life through a series of sixteen short stories, starting with first becoming Jack and Jude on our African Honeymoon in 1969, a five month overland journey from England to South Africa in a derelict VW van. Several of these stories have been published before, they evoke the wild adventuresome times exploring Earth with our sons as they grew infants to young men sailing the world for 15 years. We’re all a bit older now. Adding further dimensions are articles and snippets from our maturing years in the same vessel we home built in 1973. Banyandah

A book for all who like adventures, courage, love, and encouragement



310 pages ~ 181 photos and maps
Second Edition – Paperback $28
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One of the world’s greatest adventures – Following Flinders wake around Australia – 9,000 nautical miles across six climatic zones. Jack and Jude have been exploring Earth for more than 40 years and in Two’s a Crew we search our homeland of Australia comparing it with what we had seen on early travels. Our homemade yacht takes us through crocodile infested waters to some of the world’s oldest rock paintings, into pristine coral atolls, and through Hell’s Gates itself.

“I love your evocative descriptive passages. Judith’s presence is felt throughout, sharing the same strength, courage and love of the wild as her man.”
Margaret Muir, Author of Floating Gold, Sea Dust, Black Thread, & Condor’s Feather

The story of two modern day explorers deeply in love

Where Wild Winds Blow ~ second edition


What was our most frightening moment?
Our greatest storm?
Did we ever get attacked by pirates?
And what was it like raising children afloat from infancy to grade eleven?

In Where Wild Winds Blow, we recall unforgettable highlights of our sea roving life while taking Banyandah on a challenging and rewarding exploration of the Australian islands and coastline exposed to the Great Southern Ocean.

‘Where Wild Winds Blow reveals more than the intoxication of a sea voyage in the company of dolphins, whales and sea eagles.
Written in Jack’s inimitable style – sometimes brash, often touching, but always heart-warmingly honest. The author has a masterly way of seeing Nature in all its awesome beauty.’

Margaret Muir, Author of Floating Gold, Sea Dust & Condor’s Feather

‘Perfect pace creating strong images without wasting words.’
Judy Cooperman, LA

‘You two are brilliant! Such a brave and loved up couple.’
Dr. James Fitzpatrick, The Lililwan Project

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For all with the desire to enjoy life afloat

Practical Boat Bits and Tips

Book - Practical Boat Bits and Tips
$24 delivered

The simplest and best ideas complied from building, maintaining and managing vessels for forty years. Illustrated with photographs, diagrams and in Jude’s unique style.  As Cap’n Jack says, “Best take her word, she’s the one keeping Banyandah in top shape.”


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Readers’ Comments ~

Petrea McCarthy, Ideas Locker Cruising Helmsman

Where Wild Winds BlowExcellent yarn, Lovely ending, Really enjoyed reading it.
It’s a fantastic book that warrants a second and third read. Chock full of tips and hints for the not so experienced, history woven through in an interesting way, and a great story. Sailing story, love story, history, travel – what more could a reader want?

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Caitlin and Michael ~ “Bass Voyager” — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jack & Jude,

    You names and great experiences in your adventure in life to date, were drawn to my attention by John Turpie who, I understand met up with you in Yamba or Ballina a couple of weeks ago.

    I met John and his brother Steve when they sailed a Mottle 33 down from Brisbane in January this year to Lake Macquarie. I also have a Mark 2 High Sides Mottle 33 and, by sheer fluke, welcome them to the LMYC as we both came up to the Club’s marine where my yacht is housed.

    I have no doubt you will have already ascertained what a great, very interesting ,talented fascinating character John is. Wait till you meet his wife Syv. Equally fascinating …as are Steve and his wife Libby.
    [Edited for length]

    It would seem that as you two and I oved in parallel lives over the decades and, if per chance we get the time to meet, there would be many adventures to catch up. Best regards ( and fair sailing ), Paul Kennedy

    • Hello Paul, Yes indeed, two extraordinary men, and you seem quite unique as well. If we get down to Lake Macquarie we must meet, or if you get up this way let’s get together to spin a few high seas tales. Cheers, J&J

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