Coral Sea Cruising Guide

GUIDE: Electronic format immediate download in TWO formats: PDF – ePub


Enhanced version updated in October 2020
with additional photos and historical notes.

  • This guide covers only those reefs and islets within Australian territory
  • Safe anchorages
  • Great diving- no stingers
  • Superb fishing
  • Unobstructed passage to Torres Strait
  • 49 pages
  • Weather information
  • Beautiful Photographs

Anchorages, weather, wrecks, attractions, what to do, and fishing hints.

Immediate Download $12.50 ~

Colour maps with GPS positions, safe tracks, aerial views, chart snippets

  • PDF formatted to print on A4 (PDF version 1.7)
  • EPUB displays on your iPhone, iPad and most devices

Personally reconnoitered by Jack and Jude
We’ve been sailing since we were kids and have safely explored untold scary places. So, if you follow our lead, you too can have the experience of a lifetime with the caveat that you are in command, sailing seas that can be life-threatening.


These REEFS explored in the 70s and 80s  – These REEFS explored in 2013

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NOTE: After purchase, log out of Zulu Offshore and log back in for the markers to be visible.

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Coral Sea Cruising Guide — 8 Comments

  1. Just purchased coral sea guide with the Zulu option. Have been through the activation process exactly as instructed many times. It gets as far as telling me “downloading maps”, then immediately tells me “could not activate pack”. Happens every time. I have signed out then signed in again. I am in off-line mode. I have watched the instructional video. Can’t see anywhere in the Zulu app to contact them for help. I now wish I had just bought the Jack and Jude info pack without the Zulu option, I have wasted a morning on something that should have taken 5 minutes.
    I am really hoping you can help me here. I bought your Tassie pack a while ago and appreciate all your work collating information.
    Thanks, and regards

    • There is little we can do for your problems because when someone buys our guide as an add-on to the Zulu App, we only supply our guide to the buyer. Our anchorage information will then also show in the ZULU app, which has many more anchorages.
      Have you tried ringing ZULU to sort your problem?

  2. Hello,

    We are coming in from the South Pacific late in the season and water to get up to Indonesia in late December. Can this be done in December? Do you have routes and anchorages for this time of year? Thanks for the help.

    • Hello Dave,
      Straight from the bureau
      Climate Prediction Services Manager Dr Andrew Watkins said Australians should expect an average to above-average tropical cyclone season, due to neutral to weak La Niña conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean. (Last year was a weak year with only three)

      “This year we’re experiencing warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures around northern Australia, and this will help to fuel the tropical cyclone season ahead.

      “History shows that in an average season, about eleven cyclones form in the Australian region between November and April. On average, four of these will make landfall.”

      Should you cross the Coral Sea and sail the Arafura at the beginning of the season that is already hot? I wouldn’t. You may be fine, but a storm becomes more likely the further you go west. I’d be going north once in Indonesian waters. You can much more information here

  3. Thanks for your Coral sea cruising guide I have just downloaded as a pdf. I am preparing our next cruise from New Zealand to South Africa through the Great Barrier.
    Unfortunately I am unable to print it as I am required a password. Thanks for your help.

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