The People You Meet ~ Teaser

When we were guests of the Fremantle Sailing Club, I awoke feeling a bit old this particular morning. Too much booze or one too many stories the night before had me feeling every one of my sixty-four years and I was crawling rather lethargically round the cabin when I heard a rap on our railing. Coming up my eyes clasped onto a man my age inspecting my boat.

“Bonny wee sailing ship you have laddie,” were his first words, and I smiled. I love people who like my boat. And replied, “She’s stout and looks after you in a storm and that’s what matters, plus she’s a treat to live aboard.”

“Aye, I can see that”, this fellow went on, his bushy eyebrows going up and down as he ran his eye over our craft.

“You’re a Scots, I can tell. My wife’s a Geordie.” And with that disclosure, he ambled closer.

“Aye, a bonny lad from the old country.” He said when we were eyeball to eyeball.

“Been back lately?” I asked, thinking of our own trip home to England in 1999.

“Aye, went back in 2005.”

“Good flight?”

“Did nay fly, I sailed.”

“You sailed back to Scotland!” I exclaimed suddenly reassess this man. I had been more concerned with my own problems that morning as we’d been meeting so many full of dreams and claims.

Curious I asked, “Did you do the Red Sea and canal.” Thinking what a silly question, but having twice traversed the Red Sea, thought I’d hear the latest.

But what I next heard wiped away every remaining concern for my aging. (READ MORE)

True Stories from Faraway

Reflections in a Sailor's Eyes


by Cap’n Jack
Tweaked by Jude


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