Australian Sailing Guides

Australian Sailing Guides
detailing anchorages, marinas, fishing, points of interests

Web Based:
On the following webpages are shown chart locations of anchorages around Australia with photos and description including facilities, protection and holding.
Western Australia
South Australia
Coral Sea
Northern Territories

Electronic Format:
As above and expanded with historical notes and additional information.
Immediate download for all popular devices.
South  Australia
Coral Sea

Recent Australian Voyages of the Banyandah

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Australian Sailing Guides — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, my partner and I are sailing from Vanuatu to Indonesia the most practical route is passing though cape york, how is it to navigate the reefs there? are they easy to see? if you could give us some advice from your experiences of sailing that era it would be very helpful

    • Hello Brad, should be good fun running down wind all the way to Indonesia. Will you stop in Australia or sail through? We once came down from Port Morseby non stop to Darwin. Our last journey through Torres Straits came from the Coral Sea, entering the reef at Pandora’s Passage. There are other passages further north. Bramble is marked with lights. We had strong wind and choose to enter behind the protection of a long reef, in good light and in time to find an snug anchorage for the night, followed by a 50/60 mile sail to the channel and Mount Adoulphous Island. Choose your tide to ride through. If entering Australia, make arrangements to clear at Thursday Island, I think – best check that yourself. Other than that, work the tides. Our preferred anchorage is at Horn Island and Bamaga at Red Island Point. hope that helps

  2. Great site, would appreciate being included in your newsletter post

    Terry Gleeson
    M.V. Accalia

    Hello Terry – thank you for your kind words. We have added you to our newsletter list, cheers.

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  4. Thanks for your help and suggestion. Your site looks awesome. I’m going to have a good read. Hope to follow in your wake. We (my wife and I) are not real tech savvy and have found good e-help elusive so far. If you know anyone reliable would love to hear about them. U-tube is one thing I can handle. I have posted a few videos of our adventures at “alanrb1” Thanks again.

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