South Australia Cruising Guide

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Anchorages, facilities, attractions, fishing spots & latest marina info updated to October 2020
Full colour maps with GPS positions and safe tracks, aerial views, chart snippets
Weather information ~ Beautiful Photographs
Live Links for more information and services.

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Personally reconnoitered by Jack and Jude with additional anchorages by gulf experts John and Inara.
We’ve been sailing since we were kids and have safely explored untold scary places. So, if you follow our lead, you too can have the experience of a lifetime with the caveat that you are in command, sailing seas that can be life-threatening.

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South Australia Cruising Guide — 7 Comments

  1. Has anyone found tidal stream charts for south Australian coast, not much info on charts what does everyone else use.

  2. Hi Jack and Jude, we are on our second world circumnavigation on Scotia and this time around we are considering sailing the bottom of Australia, calling in at Tasmania, Perth then on to Sumatara, Malaysia.
    We are having difficulty finding relevant info for Southern Australia.
    So far we have discovered that the best time would be January to March and that light winds may be expected. Lots of harbours, good weather forecasts.
    We just wondered if you had any further advice or info, or tell us where to find it. ie is it in your book.
    Many thanks
    PS: We are in NZ just now and sailing for Fiji in a few days.

    • Good idea, the summer winds are perfect to sail east to west under Australia. Only problem, there’s never enough time to see it all!
      Tasmania has a ton of special places especially if you like it wild. Tassie’s east coast is drier and more settled, it’s south coast can be hostile or wonderful depending on the weather and the west coast, well, there are really just two places but each has a lot of very interesting, well protected anchorages. Either study our online guide or chip in $5 and get yourself an Electronic guide for your laptop or Ipad. I’d probably hit Hobart, check in, then you you have a choice either run north to the Furneaux Group then across the top to Three Hummocks and King Island, or alternatively down the channel and across the bottom to Port Davey and wilderness, then Macquarie Harbour, small town, history and the Gordon River, navigable for 20 miles, then choose your way to either three hummocks or King island.

      I’d Miss out on Victoria, you’ll be travelling too fast.
      Head instead straight to Kangaroo Island in SA. there are many anchorages in both gulfs, all free, small towns, cheap eating and good wine. Adelaide is definitely worth a visit. need to pay there. Probably at the CYC in the river. there are several choices. Same advice as before, study our online guide to SA or buy us a beer and get the Electronic guide, looks real good on an Ipad.

      In the summer the winds near the coast are easterly – and can be strong, reaching 30 knots in the afternoon and evening. Mornings can be quiet but once the heat gets going the wind comes with it. Our guides covers all the way to Albany in WA. Best place there, in our opinion is Oyster Harbour, although there is now a marina right at the end of main street, and that’s convenient.

      Going up the west coast in winter will give you offshore SE winds and take away the risk of cyclones. Check out in Dampier or Broome and your off to Asia.
      Hope that helps, Cap’n Jack

  3. Hi i have a farm on lake Alexandrina and looking for a sailboat at the moment. Also doing research as to where to tie up overnight as planing trip up the Murray. Do you have lower lakes and Murray info?

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