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Review by MC Muir, Author of Floating Gold, Sea Dust & Condor’s Feather.
“Written in Jack’s inimitable style – sometimes brash, often touching, but always heart-warmingly honest. The author has a masterly way of seeing Nature in all its awesome beauty.”

Where Wild Winds Blow is a remarkable adventure story of two modern-day explorers. It tells of a sea voyage in a home-built yacht, Banyandah, which takes Jack and Jude Binder twice across the Great Southern Ocean, half way around Australia through some of the roughest seas known to man.

The book exudes the child-like enthusiasm Jack and Jude experience when investigating new places – windswept islands where few people have walked before – and of the trials they encounter along their journey.

But Where Wild Winds Blow reveals more than the intoxication of a sea voyage in the company of dolphins, whales and sea eagles, it also relates to the pain of a perfect storm, of an encounter with modern-day pirates, of broken equipment and nearly shipwrecked, the intense chill of Antarctic winds, and of course, the constant challenge and changing moods of the sea.

Where Wild Winds Blow is a great complement to Two’s a Crew and a recommended read for anyone who loves the sea.

What Readers say –
“I thought your book was an easy read, as if you were speaking to me. I loved all the action, but the historical notes made me realize just how much you two have learned in your travels. Please write another.”

“Where Wild Winds Blow changed my life. I read your dedication and immediately bought your book even though I have never sailed and may never step on a boat. Through you two, I have vicariously experienced true love and known the courage of Earth’s great explorers.”

“Oh my god you two are brilliant. It is strange having read this ‘chapter’ of your life and knowing that much about such a brave and loved up couple. Thank you for sharing your stories.”

“I really enjoyed your first book and was looking forward to Where Wild Winds Blow. It’s a great read, I couldn’t put it down.”

“The historical notes are always very interesting and I loved how you included stories from your past sailing adventures too.”

“You both have a wonderful and infectious sense of adventure.”

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