Bushwalks / Treks

Under Construction – Treks we have made, gear we use, our creed

It should not be surprising that Jack and Jude love bush walking and trekking as much as we love sailing the seas. From our earliest times together we would “get lost” in the woods and mountains. In Africa, we climbed Mount Kenya and took many an extended walk in the wonderfully diverse countryside of South Africa. And when our sons were babies, we’d load them up in rucksacks and take them on overnight jaunts in some of the open forests of NSW.

But it was when we took Banyandah out the water in 1989 that we turned to wilderness walking as a way of getting our Nature fix and practise our navigational skills. The wet forests cladding the great dividing range of northern NSW were quite a challenging area to learn wild walking, off track for days, even weeks. Just the two of us found the same serenity, tranquillity, and contentment found upon the open sea.



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