Goulds Track

There two routes to the track. In earlier years the jetty at Sir John Falls extended across Cataract Creek to the bank where there is an establsihed track leading around the face. You will need to use you dinghy to cross to this bank, near where a crooked tree juts up. We use that to climb up onto the track and secure our dinghy. Halfway along the path is a signpost to a track up the hillside to both waterfalls. Continuing on will take you to the old Forestry House site and there on the right will be the start of Goulds Track marked by lots of red ribbons. 

Or you can row along the shore to the first small beach where the vegatation thins, and looking closely in the water, you may spy two metal angles, the remains of the jetty. Landing there, then climbing zig-zag up the hill will bring you to the same opening near the forestry house. The start of the track will be on the right side (west) marked by red tapes and apparent by the divot in the earth caused by Piners Shoes on the front of their logs. 

Either way, you cannot get lost if you stay in the shoe road, it’s well worn. 

Heaps of baby Huon Pines, Celery Tops and other magnificent rainforest specie. 

Showing some of our first expeditions to find the lost Goulds Track

Go here if interested in the five year exploration finding the lost Gould Track as far as the Rocky Sprent River some 15 kilometres upstream.

Goulds Landing Forestry Housesite

Forestry House-site Goulds Landing

Shoe Road to Goulds Landing

Walking out along the Shoe Road to Goulds Landing

Forestry Officer’s house, Goulds Landing circa 1938