Feeling True-Blue

Feeling True Blue
Australia Day assent up Flinders Peak on Middle Island

Flinders Peak (185 M)  from Goose Island

Clearly Flinders Peak beckoned us. After all, this was Australia Day and she was shining delightfully in the sunlight, bold granite faces of ochres and greys waiting to be walked on. Wanting to be explored, like it had when Flinders and his men climbed to the top to get a better view of the layout of this great archipelago. A view that would aid Flinders navigate eastward.
Just that morning we’d shifted Banyandah into this bay, the closest and biggest to a starting point for our climb, where we’d carefully positioned our anchor to be as close to the shore as we dared, and be out the easterly swell crossing the bay. During the previous night, when parked off Goose Island we’d had northerly winds as expected until mid-morning, causing a rolling sea, but nothing more than uncomfortable, until late morning when it changed to the east and we moved here.
Clearly I have to be the most fortunate person in the world. I say this because who else could possibly be preparing a daypack with water, first aid, a little food so to be about to climb a little known peak named after Matthew Flinders on Australia Day.  Big hugs from Jude

Pink Lake behind our first anchorage Aerial View

Mermaids tits rising out the mist