Around the World In Ever Increasing Circles

Our lifestyle has given us freedom of spirit, a feeling of accomplishment, and independence

around the world

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A city boy meets a country girl who always says yes to an adventure, and together they migrate to Australia, where they build a boat in a backyard that carries them and their two infant sons around the world in ever increasing circles. These voyages of education take the children to their final two years of high school.

New Book ~
This book focuses on the years when our boys became men tackling oceans that test all sailors while we journeyed to Africa for a family safari in the last wild kingdom, Galapagos to wander through Nature’s intricacies, Rapa Nui to see the results of over-population, gliding everywhere in-between, contemplating the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality accompanied by sea fairies whispering ageless secrets.

Little Ones ~
Zoom ahead thirty years, and now there’s a bundle of little ones like baby birds needing nourishment who can become even better global citizens by knowing their fathers’ history. So Poppi and Nanni blended their sons’ journals with stories written along the way, adding historical notes, and keeping the humour and scary bits, creating an exciting coming of age saga packed with beauty and wonder. Inspirational nourishment for young minds, shaping souls with courage and resolve to love life and earth—without which there can be no life.

Circumnavigation with a Difference ~
This is not an ordinary tale of travelling the world’s oceans, meeting people in faraway lands, for we were not ordinary sailors when we sailed from Cairns that first day of February 1984.

The Four J’s – Jack, Judith, Jason, and Jerome had already lived afloat for ten years. A hundred thousand nautical miles under our keel, we’d been north and south around vast oceans, to hundreds of destinations adjusting to dozens of cultures.

As the new family in the neighbourhood, we shared dinners, sleepovers, swopped kids, and were invited to local events. To earn our keep, we successfully completed internationally acclaimed expeditions to isolated mid-ocean dollops of sand. At the peak of our physical and sailing prowess, we set sail around the world.

As Captain Haddock so eloquently put it, “Failure. You can never let it defeat you.”

  • Jack’s birthday wish to climb into this small volcano near Sierra Negra on Islabela Island
  • SY duen
    SY Duen - Sail mates Red Sea to Caribbean - Originally built as a fishing vessel Norway 1939
  • Isla de Malpelo - Isolated rock 200 miles off Colombia - climbed peak left a message in bottle
  • Isla de Malpelo - Jude stayed on board - boys rock hopped - thousands of bobbies nesting
  • Galapagos - Jason and Jerome investigate lava seam
  • Ecuador - Otavaio market purchasing Alpaca wool woven craft
  • Egypt - Temple of Hatshepsut – correspondence lessons coincided with both Egypt then Greece
  • Galapagos –Jerome and male tortoise near rim of volcano Alcedo 1130 M Isabela Island
  • Galapagos - Jerome acting out Darwin grabbing Marine Iguana by tail
  • Galapogos - Our guide Jairon and his girlfriend Beth - we spent two fabulous weeks touring islands
  • Jack’s birthday – Celebrate 42 years at Islabela Island with exquisite handmade card
  • Egyptian Red Sea fishermen – five days alongside sharing life stripping French wreck on reef

That three-year voyage visited the world’s greatest attractions, explored places known only to wild creatures, and experienced massive contact with everyday people. We slept one in four nights upon the briny aboard a thirty-eight-foot ketch, the four sextant-swinging navigators finding the way. No satellite navigation back then. But we had one of the first portable computers on board and wrote a navigation program that even had a built in almanac!

Future Outlook ~
Just as Charles Darwin experienced an evolutionary revelation in the Galápagos, we encountered something similar.

Having seen the results of man’s tampering, and Nature’s limited ability to repair, our epiphany has to do with living in an alliance with nature for survival instead of chasing a one-eyed view of domination.

In our lifetime around the world, we discovered that Earth and its creatures are unique throughout the galaxy. Without their wholesome well-being, we are doomed to boredom or extinction.

Jacques Cousteau observed, “People Protect What They Love.”

Compiled from logbooks, children’s journals, letters and stories written underway
Around the World in Ever Increasing Circles,
paperback, illustrated, non-fiction, 500 pages
First Edition, signed on request, available from Jack and Jude

Teasers ~
Sea Monster
Rapa Nui
Taenga Atoll Tuamotus
Machinegun Alley

Banyandah launched 1973, Sydney Australia. Explored the islands and countries bordering the Coral Sea 1974-75. Second voyage through SE Asia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, return to Sydney through Bass Strait winter of 1978. Third voyage north to PNG, Philippines, South China Sea, Borneo to Japan across to Hawaii return through South Pacific in 1982. Around the World 1984 through 1987. Relaunched in 2007, circumnavigated Australia twice then back and forth across the bottom and around Tasmania too many times to count.