The Sailing Podcast – Episode 13 – an interview with Jack Binder

Jack and Jude with over 160,000 miles of cruising

1987 – Banyandah at the defunct Ballina Marina

Episode 13 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Jack Binder who, along with his adventurous partner, Jude, has over well 160,000 miles of sailing cruising and they’re still going strong. After starting construction of their yacht in 1970, they went to sea in 1973 as part of a family team called the 4 J’s – for Jack, Jude, Jason, and Jerome. The 4 J’s clocked up well over 100,000 miles together–which from memory is about the same as sailing 3 times around the world. During this trip, the 4 J’s visited over 80 countries and sailed across 4 of the 5 oceans. This phase ended in around 1987, but they relaunched his yacht in 2005 and the team headed off again, although now it was only 2 J’s–Jack and Jude.

I think that the most enjoyable part of producing the Sailing Podcast has been the opportunity to meet fantastic people who also share a passion for sailing and today’s guest, Jack Binder is someone who I really enjoyed talking to and he generously gave me some of his time to let me know about the adventures he and Judith had at sea. I suggest you go straight to our guest’s website at, where you will find a treasure trove of information to enjoy. They have cataloged all of their travels and have made their photos, videos, and stories readily available at

Episode 13 of The Sailing Podcast – an interview with Jack Binder

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