Zulu Offshore

Amazing New Navigation Application

Niki, Lauren, and Little Lulu of Zulu Waterways

We are proud to announce that we have helped in the development of an amazing new digital application for navigating the world.

The Zulu Offshore app offers a sophisticated platform for viewing information without requiring access to the internet.

On devices with a GPS, it becomes an offline chart-plotter, displaying both the Zulu Community information and downloadable cruising guides.

Our GUIDES are available at their map shop. You receive our PDF guide by email and our makers are activated, letting you navigate to any of our waypoints, day or night, offline.

NOTE: After purchase, log out of Zulu Offshore and log back in for our markers to be visible.

  • 50,000+ Markers
  • Satellite and Street Maps downloads
  • Navionics charts + Navigation
  • Markers added while offline
  • Downloadable Cruising Guides
Zulu Offshore is available as iOS and Android apps.

This is how it works:
The Zulu database of information will get synced to your Zulu Offline app during the initial sync. This is saved to your device and viewable without a connection. Syncing regularly is recommended to keep your map populated with the most recent content. 

For a limited time:
Activate all of our anchorage information on the Zulu Offshore App and receive a PDF copy of our guide for the cost of a cuppa.