Modern Boating July 2015

Modern Boating Magazine Winter 2015

Banyandah at Mellish Reef

Our photo on the cover of Modern Boating

Inside, a Cruising Guide to Australia’s Ultimate Boating Paradise
– Text and photos by Jack and Jude Binder,
SY Banyandah

Why the Coral Sea?

Superb diving in clear water without jellyfish, great fishing, heaps of wildlife, and plenty of solitude. Also provides a fast, unobstructed passage to Cape York.

Coral Sea Cruising Guide

The Coral Sea


The Coral Sea occupies that part of the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of Australia between the parallels of Sandy Cape and Torres Strait, bounded by New Caledonia, Louisiade Archipelago, and Papua New Guinea.




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Colour maps with GPS positions, safe tracks, aerial views, chart snippets

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Personally reconnoitered by Jack and Jude