Banyandah ~ 1979 Spratly Islands

Banyandah – 1979 Spratly Islands

Amateur Radio Expedition

<<<<…………Link to 1978 Mellish Reef DXpedition

Map of South China Sea showing Spratly Island location Map of South China Sea showing location
of Spratly Island Group
Banyandah departed Brunei
on two DXpeditions
The first voyage to
Amboyna Cay
was fired upon by
Vietnamese using mortars
The second voyage
to Banque Canada Reef
found an un-inhabited rock.

Harry VK2BJL Veteran expedition leader

Trouble! Fired upon by soliders at Amboyna Cay
TROUBLE!  Amboyna Cay, First attempted landing,  Mortars Fired at Banyandah!!
Operate from Here?

The first scatter seabirds

Eventual operating site for 1S1DX

20 Mile long reef mostly underwater

Storms would wash over us!

Success, back in Brunei
Bill K1MM, Stew K4SMX, John KV4KV, Jack KB7NW, Jude, Jason, Bob N2OO, Moody VS5MS,
& our mate, the orgainiser, Harry VK2BJL

QSL Card issued for 1S1DX
The QSL Card every DXer wants
13,322 Contacts around the world from this patch of sand!


Spratly Islands is that a way

Spratly Islands are that a way

N2OO Bob from the mid-west USA 

Blissful easy voyage

Master’s mate looking gorgeous

The Master, bronzed and black beard

In the crows nest looking for our destination

Calculating our position from Celestial sights

Wow what a beautiful lady

Navigator tackling the tricky business of finding a tiny sand islet in uncharted sea

The boys had a ball mucking about on the easy voyage


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