Run Away to a New Life

Years ago, while circling the world, we met many with strong personalities who achieved great deeds. Several have remained dear friends in the decades since those halcyon days. One, in particular, carved out a life that is the envy of many.


the Seychelles biggest love nut ever

Susie holding the Seychelles biggest love nut ever

This hotel was built in 1992 by world travellers who settled along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and cherry-picked the best location on a lush tropical mountainside just above the Bay of Dominicalito and rugged Costa Ballena.

Two acres of land with a two-story main house and four comfortable cabins, rancho hall and pool, with the best views overlooking the rainforest to a long shoreline extending to the far horizon!

When you think of Costa Rica, and the close encounters with nature and wildlife, along with the dramatic setting and views, this place offers that and much more! Plenty of room to expand and increase revenues if one desires.

Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity that allows you to enjoy a laid back lifestyle while meeting great people from all over the world, and generating a nice income. Well, it does not get better than this. Do not miss out on this opportunity to be the owner of one of the most dramatic boutique eco-resorts in the world.


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