Boot Camp

OFFTRACK 8 day walk from Gibraltar NP to escarpment – September 2012

Anvil Rock

Looking back towards Anvil Rock

It’s back to BOOT CAMP for Jack and Jude
Eight days of high intensity training and testing.

This NOT life or death trek, but rather some beautiful scenery and action in the high forests of Australia. Once past Anvil Rock, we’re pushing through virgin wilderness with no tracks in high country where the mighty Clarence River is born. As you will see, we are not exactly teenagers anymore! In fact, we’re closer to 70 than 60, and yet we still want to explore wild places. And so in order not to endanger ourselves, or others, we choose to keep in touch with our physical fitness by testing our bodies on dry land close to facilities.


Old Man Hat

Under Old Man Hat – We had to forge a way up to the saddle

Old Man Hat

Looking back, probably west, towards Old Man Hat

swimming hole

We went swimming here

In Northern NSW close to our shack, World Heritage Gibraltar Range National Park has striking granite outcrops and steep escarpments with dry eucalyptus dominating the tops of ridges, surrounded by a mosaic of sub-alpine swamps.

In gullies, lush warm to sub-tropical rain-forests encompass the largest areas with waterfalls plummeting from a network of streams. Wild rivers offer refuge to a rich variety of wildlife.

In spring and summer, the heath-lands, swamps, and open woodlands play host to a colourful display of wildflowers, highlighted by the iconic Gibraltar Waratah.

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