Wish List

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Help bring the wonders of Earth
and the joy of life closer to all

Jack and Jude have the skills and daring to explore wild places and a vessel capable of tackling most seas. What we lack is better equipment to record those special places.

Here is our Wish List:

Some time ago we acquired a Canon HF G10 video camera – handy, good quality HD. We could use a new one. We also purchased better sound equipment and two GoPro cameras with various mounts. Jude’s Panasonic FZ200 wore out after snapping 28k photos! So we purchased an even better quality FZ2500 which also records 4k video. Plus we recently spent our limited cash on two DJI drones. One has already taken a swim! In short, we can always use more equipment to record the wonders of nature that we are fortunate enough to be able to explore.

If you wish to help extend our quest, we’ll be very grateful for your assistance.


Thank you,