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Discovery starts search for Frigate lost in 1856
Prolific wildlife up close and magical aura of Coral Sea Anchorages

The Search for the Duroc – 90 minute video
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joe schemesh1“As a non-sailor, the footage really put me in the picture – well done Jack and Jude. Magnificent country we live in for sure!!!” Says Joe Schmesh, Gold Tripod Award-winner.
Been watching Jack and Jude’s latest DVD – Coral Sea: In Search of the Duroc. Fantastic stuff – takes the viewer along into this magic, rarely visited world. Heaps of cruising tips there too, if you’re paying attention. Excellent photography, the usual laid-back commentary. Recommended for anyone with an interest in the sea, cruising, or just wanting some inspiration.
Petrea McCarthy – Cruising Helmsman Ideas Locker


In 1982, Jack and Jude led an amateur radio expedition to Herald’s Beacon, a small sand cay atop Mellish Reef, five hundred miles east of Cairns, Australia’s furthest territory in the Coral Sea. A month before our landing, a cyclone tracked across this low narrow sand island and huge seas swept over it leaving its surface flat and unbroken except for masses of half-buried seabirds with their necks broken. The cyclone’s powerful forces reshaped the island, exposing a coral shelf in which Jack found an embedded bronze eye bolt. Intrigued, this began a search spanning more than three decades.  More Information Here.

coral sea voyage

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Coral Sea DVD

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Two’s a Crew

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We take our cameras deep into the Kimberley to search for the oldest known rock art. We’ll explore the most unique coral reef with the biggest tidal range on the planet – Rowley Shoals, 200 miles to sea from Broome. Climb Mount Misery surrounded by harsh compelling beauty of Port Davey in the stormy southwest corner of Tasmania. There are whales close up, plenty of action catching big fish, plus a wonderful interlude becalmed in the Great Southern Ocean. Running time: 90 minutes in 3 episodes

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DVD Two’s a Crew

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Tasmania 2

The Green Machine opens up new territory with the kayak taking us up rivers few explore. First the Gordon River to search as far as the rocky Sprent River for Huon Piners Camp remnants.

In World Heritage Port Davey, we paddle through an exquisite gorge in perfect weather. Then trek overland to the far south coast of Tasmania, where we explore off track, again, perfect photographic conditions. Taking Banyandah across the shallow Old River Bar, we kayak up river to locate a last stand of mature Huon Pines. Then we search and discover the lonely grave site of Critchley Parker, an ill equipped dreamer. To escape we brave a spunky fresh gale taking Banyandah south under Maatsuyker to reach safety in Recherche Bay on Tasmania’s East Coast. 5 episodes totally 90 mins running time.

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DVD Tasmania 2

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Tasmania 1

Four adventures in Tasmania featuring a trek along the historic King River railroad where Jack and Jude document 100 years of pollution from Australia’s oldest mine. Followed by a scenically wonderful voyage up the fabulous Gordon River aboard Stormbreaker. Then a segment of living history inside Kelly Basin where in 1900 a railroad was hacked out of virgin rainforest. The fourth episode, a three day assault on one of Tasmania’s toughest peaks. No trails across a myriad of streams to the top of Mount Sorell. Running time: 120 min.

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DVD Tasmania 1

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South Australia

Take an autumn sail around the two gulfs of South Australia, featuring a wander through the famous Joseph Banks Archipelago. Plenty of wildlife and wild weather. From Adelaide through many of the anchorages to Port Lincoln and the Joseph Banks Group back to Adelaide. Running time: 64 minutes

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South Australia DVD

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Cap’n Jack


Australian Adventure Videos — 5 Comments

  1. Hi I am french. the grand father of my grand father was on the Duroc when they failed on the mellish reef. I did not know that story till last year, when I found in the garret of my father a lots of books, clothes, decoration of this grand father.
    he wrote a book of 48p dédicated to his grand children, explaining what happenned from the 7th of auguste 1856 till the end of september when they left Timor to come back in France.
    I was very glad to see your film of this island.
    the exact position givn in the book is
    Latitude 17°23′
    longitude 153°35′
    it happened at 4h50 minutes, the speed was 4 knots they were on sail only, the engine was stopped at that time.
    my grandfather was 25 years hold, he was “enseigne de vaisseau” so the third officer after the “commandant” and the “lieutenant de vaisseau”
    his name was “Antoine Augey Dufresse”
    he died in 1891 as Amiral
    If you have more pictures or film of this mellish place I would be very please to recieve the link.
    Thank you

    • Wow, How Exciting to read your comment on the post “Australian Adventure Videos”

      We are overwhelmed to be connected to a surveyor of the Duroc. This has come about because we found a rather large, forged bronze eye bolt exposed in the half tide rock after a cyclone hit Mellish in 1982. When we returned during our expedition in 2013, we discovered plenty of metal scattered over a rather large area. There is talk of us going back to explore more widely.

      Wonder if there is a picture of the Duroc in your collection. It would greatly add to the story to see the frigate and her rig. It would absolutely delight us to read your great grandfather’s great grandfather’s book and hear more of the story of bravery under great difficulties. Does he mention the Captain’s daughter in his writings?

  2. Could I please buy the five DVD pack?

    Sure you can.
    Where do we send them?
    Email us the information and we’ll get it underway

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