The Sailing Podcast – Episode 14 – an interview with Jack and Jude Binder

The 2J’s – Jack and Jude

Jack and Jude

Jack and Jude

Episode 14 of The Sailing Podcast is the second part of our interview with Jack Binder of Jack continues on with the story of his encounter in the Red Sea and covers some information about the situation in East Africa and what has led to some problems in Somalia.

Jack and Jude had an intermission in their sailing adventures – a time spent on land and enjoying nature on the Richmond River in northern New South Wales. Banyandah was up on the lawn and they constructed a house. Finishing their home on the land in 2007, after rebuilding the yacht, they headed off on a sailing adventure once again, now as the 2J’s with a plan to circumnavigate Australia.

Episode 14 of The Sailing Podcast – The 2J’s – Jack and Jude

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