Coral Sea

A Sea of Beauty and Danger

As the rent a boat fleet added to the loss of good diving from coral bleaching, instead of the Great Barrier Reef we now prefer the Coral Sea islets that still offer great diving and good fishing in safe trade wind anchorages.

Coral Sea Cruising Guide

Locations covered in our Coral Sea Guide

A favourite route takes in historical Porpoise Cay in the Wreck Reefs, where in 1803 the Porpoise ran aground while carrying Matthew Flinders home with all his newly made charts and specimens, followed by Kenn Reef’s superb mid-ocean lagoon filled with budding new sand isles, then East Diamond Islet, the best Coral Sea anchorage, where huge flocks of seabirds inhabit the low vegetation. Check out our free web-based Coral Sea Cruising Guide or download the offline version.

Kenn Reef

A beautiful young reef hiding great dangers

Mellish Reef Anchorage

Mellish Reef, the furthest and most isolated coral atoll.
Know what you’re doing if going there.

Coral Sea Adventure ~ In Search of the Duroc from JACKandJUDE