1974/87 Voyages of Banyandah

Sailing Around the World in Ever Increasing Circles

From first launch in 1973 until 1987, Banyandah was the “home on the water” for the Four J’s  
who sailed around the world in ever increasing circles,
exploring Earth while educating two sons, Jason and Jerome.

We lost track of the miles sailed, but more than 200,000 nautical miles, visiting around 80 countries.
Exploring numerous remote rock outcrops and coral cays, the Galapagos and Easter Island
The standout, our seven months living in Japan fascinated us.

1974 – 1975 Early Days of Sailing

1978 – 1982 DX Expeditions
1. Mellish Reef VK9ZR, 1978
2. Spratly Islands 1S1DX, 1979
3. Kingman Reef KH5/K, 1981
4. Tokelaus – no photos 1982
5. Mellish Reef VK9ZR, 1982