Taenga Atoll Tuamotus ~ Teaser

Chapter 45

Tuamotus Sing-Sing


A crowd of locals jabbered amongst themselves as we secured our floating home alongside their stick and plank jetty, sparking Benji’s curiosity. Calling out to them in the Rapa Nui language brought silence for a few seconds until one local addressed Benji in their language. Astonishing us, Benji answered back.

Somewhat startled, I asked Benjamin if he could communicate with them, and turning to me looking stunned, he said, “A little. Some of their words sound similar to Rapa Nui and mean the same as ours.”
Then leaving me a bemused bystander, he turned back and rattled off heaps more.

Jason and Jerome, their bums plonked on top the dodger, their feet on the stainless steel railing, silently absorbed the entire exotic scene.

“What d’you say,” they asked him, and like a proud explorer, he told them we’d come from Isle Pascal on this sailing ship taking twenty-three days and nights.

Back and forth, a stop-go conversation developed with repeated words, obviously passing information between puzzled faces. Until abruptly, they turned and noisily went way.

“What’s up?” The family gathered around Benji, quizzing him about why the sudden departure.
“They’ve gone for their ukuleles. We’re going to sing some of our island songs, ones that go way back… [MORE]

Benjamin, black curly hair, with Jason and Jerome ~ Rainbow Beach Easter Island


Banyandah launched 1973, Sydney Australia. Explored the islands and countries bordering the Coral Sea 1974-75. Second voyage through SE Asia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, return to Sydney through Bass Strait winter of 1978. Third voyage north to PNG, Philippines, South China Sea, Borneo to Japan across to Hawaii return through South Pacific in 1982. Around the World 1984 through 1987. Relaunched in 2007, circumnavigated Australia twice then back and forth across the bottom and around Tasmania too many times to count.