Where Wild Winds Blow

The story of two modern-day explorers deeply in love seeking adventure and knowledge
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Where Wild Winds Blow ~ third edition
Jack and Jude, with eyes on the past, have witnessed more of Earth than many famous explorers. Through hard work and considerable gumption, they constructed a ship of sail, raised their family afloat and achieved impressive sailing feats with little help. The myriad life experiences gained charge them to illuminate the bountiful adventures still available to all human souls and to record the degradation of Earth that they have witnessed.

Your journey begins at a leisurely pace, sailing down Australia’s East Coast, dreaming of earlier adventures. Then it explodes into action when Jack and Jude land at Flinders Island in the Bass Strait and visit Wybalenna, Black Man’s Houses, so-called ‘Aboriginal Settlement’ of 1834 which is the neglected burial site of more than a hundred Aborigines.

From there, Jack and Jude again do the unexpected by walking forty kilometres along a rail track shrouded in dense rainforest to document a hundred years of mine pollution into Tasmania’s King River. Then back into sailing action when they take on the tempestuous Great Australian Bight to explore the Nuyts Archipelago first recorded by Australia’s earliest explorers. Crossing the Great Australian Bight to the equally remote Recherche Archipelago in granite country, different from Nuyts dry sandstone, they find groups of isles rising out the mist like mermaids with pearl pendants.

At Albany in Western Australia they turned about, and this time find the Great Southern Ocean in a feisty mood. Struggling to escape cold, wet, strong south winds that keep driving them further off course, miraculously they get somewhere quiet in time to celebrate Jude’s sixty-fifth birthday. And from there, a very pleasurable journey begins.

Inside Where Wild Winds Blow, Australia’s earliest explorers share their views on places encountered along the way. And like Sir Francis Chichester, one of their heroes, Jack and Jude reveal fears and intimacies, and wax-lyrical to stimulate dreams and give justice to this amazing Earth.

Along with all that, they give simple technical advice on how these two septuagenarians manage Banyandah.

For sailors and dreamers. Illustrated with 80 photos and maps.
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Review by MC Muir, Author of Floating Gold, Sea Dust & Condor’s Feather.
“Written in Jack’s inimitable style – sometimes brash, often touching, but always heart-warmingly honest. The author has a masterly way of seeing Nature in all its awesome beauty.”

Where Wild Winds Blow exudes the child-like enthusiasm Jack and Jude experience when investigating new places – windswept islands where few people have walked before – and of the trials they encounter along their journey.

Where Wild Winds Blow reveals more than the intoxication of a sea voyage in the company of dolphins, whales and sea eagles, it also relates to the pain of a perfect storm, of an encounter with modern-day pirates, of broken equipment and nearly shipwrecked, the intense chill of Antarctic winds, and of course, the constant challenge and changing moods of the sea.

Where Wild Winds Blow is a great complement to Two’s a Crew and a recommended read for anyone who loves the sea.

What Readers Say –

“It’s a fantastic book that warrants a second and third read. Chock full of tips and hints for the not so experienced, with history woven throughout in an interesting way, and a great story.
Sailing story, love story, history, travel – what more could a reader want?” Petrea McCarthy

“I thought your book was an easy read as if you were speaking to me. I loved all the action, but the historical notes made me realize just how much you two have learned in your travels. Please write another.” James Short

“Where Wild Winds Blow changed my life. I read your dedication and immediately bought your book even though I have never sailed and may never step on a boat. Through you two, I have vicariously experienced true love and known the courage of Earth’s great explorers.” Lisa from WA

“Oh my god, you two are brilliant. It is strange having read this ‘chapter’ of your life and knowing that much about such a brave and loved up couple. Thank you for sharing your stories.” Dr James Fitzpatrick

“I really enjoyed your first book and was looking forward to Where Wild Winds Blow. It’s a great read, I couldn’t put it down.” Gil Kaltenbach