Practical boat tips –
Easy access to hull and fittings


01 Sep 2014

Access to Banyandah’s hull below two saloon drawers.

Easy access to hull and fittings is essential. Most every part of Banyandah’s hull, both below and above the waterline can be inspected quickly as a regular routine. Especially useful in an emergency.

Shown in the photo, the depth sounder goes through the hull below two drawers under a saloon seat. Hot and cold fresh water hoses and the hose to the holding tank reside there as well.

1/ Access the hull by pulling out both drawers to full extent. They’re held from coming completely out by stops attached from inside through the drawer sides.

2/ Lift up the seat base which hinges open.

3/ Note the small ledges that the seat rests on and the simple, lightweight, but strong drawer frame.  The view and access to the hull is maximized.

All floors and storage shelves on Banyandah rest on small ledges which allow easy inspection. Where necessary shelves are screwed down. Floors are not. In all her miles, only once has Banyandah been flipped (a winter passage near 50 north), her floors miraculously stayed put. Different vessels require different choices.

Tip.  Nothing should be stowed on or lashed over a floor that would prevent lifting it up for inspection in an emergency.

Excerpt from Two’s a Crew ‘…we hit with a sickening crunch… In a flash Jude had the floors up to monitor the bilge. But finding no water, no panic, just urgency because if we didn’t get off, we’d fall over and break off the mast.

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