Practical Boat Tips – Anti-skid on stair treads


Non-slip steps

Sand lasts longer than non-stick tape.

Instead of non-skid tape, these treads have been sanded. Sand is more durable than anti-skid tape which tends to wear unevenly and look scruffy in highly trafficked areas. Unlike anti-skid tape that sometimes lifts at the edges, there’s no chance of that happening when using sand.

1/ Abrade the entire tread.

2/ Mask around the area to be made anti-skid.

3/ Varnish the masked area then sprinkle heavily with sand – new blasting sand is best.

4/ Allow to dry 24 hrs.

5/ Remove tape and brush away loose sand.

6/ Completely varnish over the whole tread, stippling well into sanded area.

Tip.  Pour a small amount of varnish into a can or container to use, so as not to contaminate the good stuff with sand.

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