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There are downloadable files available in several formats for A4 printing/PC/Ipods/Ipads/Kindle. They contain more photos of the anchorages and attractions with additional historical notes. You can support our efforts by a making a small contribution – Buy us a beer. :>)

These webpages are free to download.

South Australia sailing guide detailing marinas, anchorages, fishing tips, facilities and safety directions.

Gulf St Vincent
Kangaroo Island
Spencer Gulf
Sir Joseph Banks Group ~ Port Augusta
South Australia West

John and Inara

John and Inara



John and Inara have sailed their 35′ steel ketch Desiree all around Australia.
More importantly for us here, they have explored every inch of both gulfs of South Australia over many years.


You will find their information on the following specific pages, particularly at the bottom of Sir Joseph Banks Group to Port Augusta.

There is very little information on South Australian anchorages in print.
The Second Edition of the once popular “South Australia’s Waters – an Atlas & Guide” is a shocker. Totally useless  ~ no details, just heaps of ads. If you can find the first edition printed 25 years ago, it is filled with charts with soundings and aerial photos, a good book.

 The only other volume, “Anchoring and Anchorage in South Australia” by James H. Cowell is out of print, but is informative for the run Adelaide to Port Lincoln.

Take all information, even these cruising notes, with a fair bit of caution. The seas can run huge down in South Australia, and the winds can swing round in a full circle in a day.

Sailing SA – Alan Noble from Arriba has an informative website describing his favorite SA anchorages.


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