B-log ~ August 2012

21 Aug. The Sailing Podcast has just published the first part of our interview that takes us up to The Four J’s Red Sea encounter. David has left it there as a bit of a cliff hanger hoping people will come back looking for the conclusion of that story.

19 Aug. Just saw our EPUB Two’s a Crew on my son’s iPhone and it’s awesome! Photos super sharp and expand to full screen, text so clear, and WOW, easy to navigate. I’m so pleased.

Where Wild Winds Blow – Good read or what?

Our Amazing Planet
We need your feedback. Presently we are revising WWWB, correcting a few typos with an eye to reprinting it in time for Christmas. But we need readers’ comments to help others make up their minds whether to read it. So we’ve established a comments page hoping that those of you who have already read WWWB will post your thoughts on the book. For those who have yet to read it, there’s currently a 20% discount offer. If you’re lacking something to read, a signed copy can be delivered straightaway.

Now let’s talk about the environment. The IUNC is holding its World Conservation Congress, 6-15 September, Jeju, South Korea, with one theme being Natural solutions to global challenges. IUCN wants to see a rapid transition to a green economy. Not sure if that will help Tasmania’s East Coast. The hot current invading its waters is killing bull kelp and affecting all creatures dependent on it. Further research has shown that the oceans have become more acidic, making it more difficult for some planktonic organisms to form shells. If their shells are thinner or deformed, the organisms, which are key components of the food chain, may be unable to function properly. Please support the IUNC, they are trying to help Earth.

There have been some major changes to our website. Many hundreds took advantage of our offer to download our eBook edition of Two’s a Crew for free. Alas, that offer is now finished as our eBook has gone on sale at several big outlets for the small sum of $3 and we must bring our website inline with the RRP. A positive outcome of that process, Two’s a Crew is now available in formats to suit all eReaders, immediate download here. To help ease the loss of a free eBook, we have manufactured a quantity of DVD 4 PACKS, and are offering them as Olympic specials at half price. They’d make a good gift.

Jack navigatingUnder our short stories dropdown menu is a new one titled Tears in Paradise. It’s a bit of history from thirty years ago when the Four J’s sailed the world as a young family. It begins in Mauritius and ends with us nearly losing our lives in the greatest disaster we ever experienced. Those of you who have read Where Wild Winds Blow will have already taken that journey with us.

When writing WWWB, I wanted to weave a few remembrances of the exceptional life we experienced when raising our family afloat into our modern story. In fact, this winter I had hope to plant myself in my writer’s chair and churn out a new volume with the working title, African Honeymoon – our first meeting and falling in love atop the Eiffel Tower then our yearlong honeymoon trek down the dark continent of Africa with disasters that would have tested even the strongest union.

First Birthday Kylen Jack Binder


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