Rebuild of Banyandah

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Rebuild of Banyandah

Rebuild of Banyandah
After 16 years of service around the world, Banyandah leaves the water in 1989
We continued to live on board while constructing our house,
first using a ladder and then a ramp.
Our son Jerome center right

Sandblasted Hull

Sand blasted and primed

All furniture was removed. All bulkheads and machinery were removed.
The hull was sandblasted then epoxy primed outside
and epoxy/fibre lined inside to above W.L.
New Interior of Rosewood & Red Cedar
New coachhouse over Aft Cabin to provide full headroom
New dodger with full standing height
Total rebuild of old but reliable P6 engine
New Rig coming…

yacht Banyandah

First taste of the sea after 16 years on dry land

Re-launched 19 November 2005

yacht Banyandah

Layout:    Sink * Workbench * Stove * Fridge
Post supports the mast – Ladder to cockpit on right

yacht Banyandah

SS Sink and workbench with New SS Stove
The old B went thru two stoves..

yacht Banyandah

Yummy Owners Cabin Aft
Now with full Height.

Same door closes off head
& forward cabin

yacht Banyandah

spraying first primer onto finished
hull – 1998

yacht Banyandah

spraying final top coat – 2005

yacht Banyandah almost ready

Almost Ready

Banyandah nameplate re-attached

She comes alive again as nameplate re-attached

yacht Banyandah applying antifouling

Neighbor George & Jack applying antifouling
Two days before launch

yacht Banyandah launch day

Bennett’s 50 tonne crane sets up

crane lifts yacht Banyandah

Jack releasing hold down chains

securing yacht Banyandah to trailer

The tricky job of securing Banyandah

yacht Banyandah on low loader

Banyandah travels 500 m along river
to a deep spot clear of the power lines

crane lifting yacht Banyandah

The final lift
3 J’s watch on

yacht Banyandah launched

the first time in 16 years

yacht Banyandah alongside jetty

Alongside our neighbor’s jetty
Her new home for this year

Family on board yacht Banyandah

Family on board

celebrating yacht Banyandah launch

Crack open the vino
Let’s celebrate!

Yacht Banyandah new galley

Jude loves her new galley

yacht Banyandah first meal

Curried Prawns for starters

yacht Banyandah trials

Upriver for trials

yacht Banyandah bare transom

Needs her name across the transom

yacht Banyandah boat chores

After a night’s rain, it’s back to boat chores

yacht Banyandah everything perfect

Everything’s perfect!
except what’s on our lists of things to do!

Last Update 5 December 2005