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christreeWishing all a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season

The spirit of Christmas has moved far away from its Christian root to become a worldwide symbol of caring and giving comfort to others in addition to the tradition of showering our little ones with presents.

However you perceive Christmas, Jack and Jude do hope you will give a moment of thought to Earth and her many other creatures who are struggling for life. Let us all think of a future time when the air and waters are clean again, when the seas abound with fishes. Let us give our little ones the greatest gift of all – a world in peace where each of us respects the views of others as long as they do not destroy life. Let us build towards an Earth abundant with wildlife, and build links with her beauty and wonder that will inspire all of us to find harmony. Be safe, enjoy the holiday season. Jack and Jude will be afloat in the new year, reconnected to the sea with our way ahead unobstructed. As they say, watch this space for new adventures, new discoveries, and hardships that we shall face together.

New Shed

Nearly complete

Nearly complete

It’s just a shed, but once again we built it from the ground up and enjoyed the life’s experience through all the frustration and delays. Not only adding extra storage space, the shed has given us a new perspective on our riverfront location that we are really enjoying. In fact its mere presences has added two very serene shady locations behind it in full view of the river. Delightful. Plus we’re both rather chaffed with our newly enlarged bulging muscles! The material we lifted weighs 15 tonnes and it feels like there must be about two thousand tek screws holding it together!

the start all bolted structure complete

NEW BOOK – Available February 2015

reflectionsSixteen short stories starting from the beginning of Jack and Jude with African Honeymoon, an adventurous story of danger and difficulties slogging down through war torn Africa in a derelict van salvaged from a farmer’s field. These are our favorite stories highlighting every stage of our lives from marriage, building Banyandah, raising our children while sailing to over eighty destinations, and our life afloat as grandparents to nine.
About 60,000 words with photos.

We plan to release and sign our new book
at the Hobart Wooden Boat Festival Feb.6th

Watch this space for a later announcement – we have much to do in short time
The shed must be finished, last edit before Christmas, get Banyandah seaworthy,
And sail to Tasmania.

New shed for home base

Shed on Day 5Shed on Day 5 – Blast, I’m short about 30 bolts! That’s the third hiccup, otherwise a terrific, strong structure. Might look for a little help putting up the 7 m long tin roof with insulation under it.

Practicality is a good thing.
There are times where compromise is necessary. That’s part of wisdom.
But it’s also important to hang on to what you believe.
Barack Obama