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Practical boat tips –
Freshwater, Saltwater, and the Galley Sink

galley sink

The freshwater, hot/cold pressure, and saltwater taps in the galley

October 13, 2014
The galley sink on Banyandah is a good size measuring 380x340x150 mm deep with a centre drain. Into this I use a 310 mm round basin for washing up. This small basin minimizes freshwater use, and yet removing it, the sink is large enough to handle a banquet or clean the odd fish. When underway I find it very handy to drain the dishes in the sink around the basin.

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Practical boat tips – non-slip mats

07 Oct 2014

Non-slip mat – galley drainer and fridge. Photo Jude Binder

Life aboard Banyandah would be difficult without non-slip mats lining the shelves, drawers, and bench tops. Rolls 30 cm wide can be bought cheaply from discount stores in a good range of colours and wider material is available at ship chandlers. It hand-washes well and dries quickly.

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Practical boat tips –
Use old socks to protect on-board items

29 Sep 2014

Socks can be used to protect delicate items on board, such as this glass coffee pot.


Old socks make good muffs. Simply cut the sock into two or three pieces depending on length of sock and stretch it over the bottle or drop bottle into the foot part. It is not necessary to have the sock full height of the glass, particularly with thick socks, as the thickness of the sock acts as a standoff. To save socks, alternate muffed bottles within a cupboard. I leave empty muffs in the cupboard ready for the next bottle.


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The Fall of St Jude

Article in October 2014 issue
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Cruising Helmsman

The editor of Cruising Helmsman, Phil Ross said, “A great story of courage through adversity and points out to our readers that even the best can get caught out – a vital lesson.”

In a harrowing story of mental toughness Jack and Jude Binder relate their story of a five week sail from the Kimberley to Dampier with a broken leg.


Rainforest School Holiday

Poppi and Tyson planned the days walk


School Holiday adventure in the rainforests of the Border Ranges National Park, NSW with the Three Musketeers; Jayden (9), Khyren (7), and Tyson (6).


A three day camping adventure to explore magical rainforests and show our grandchildren surface feeding trees with their roots bulging out the ground.

The Sheepstation campsite made a wonderful base with its wide open grassy spaces filled with a myriad of bird song all day long. The sharp crack Whip-birds and Bell-birds, accompanied by the trills of Bower-birds woke us each morning. Fairly large goannas marched across the flats or casually looked down upon us from lofty tree trunks.

  • Our campsite with a huge grassy play area. Up the slope behind our table is a natural rock slide.
  • Three Goannas welcomed us
  • Poppi and Tyson look over the walking tracks at the Border Ranges NP.
  • First day fun at the waterfall
  • Border Ranges NP is a rainforest experience. Ferns, vines, huge butressed tress and palms.
  • The master organizer taking a moment to savor the beauty and peacefulness.
  • After a hectic day, some quiet time with their art books recording the day visually.
  • On the lookout for that rare and beautiful "Toona Australis" which was harvested to near extinction last century.
  • Brindle Creek, so full of colour and Nature's beauty.
  • Plenty of rock hopping and splashing about looking for little critters
  • Morning cocoa for our adventurers