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Nov 27 – Changing Hats – Back to the boat 

If life could be encapsulated into one day that could be rubber-stamped, we’d copy this day of our metamorphosis from Nanni and Poppi back into Cap’n Jack and Masters-mate Jude.

Almost instantly we were surrounded by interesting, magnificent scenery that challenged our imaginations. In every stride and rotation of heads, our minds saw award-winning photographs. While only 24 hours earlier we were locking up the house after a marathon getting ready race followed by a blastoff dinner party at our son’s that sent us to bed unable to sleep the few short hours till our planned departure that would herald another stint of adventuring.

All details clicked together so smoothly, it was as if an angel orchestrated everything. Jerome’s driving us to the airport in a road hugging Golf primed us and blasted away the lethargy from lack of sleep. Arriving early at check-in, the bags we had packed and repacked umpteen times came well under the weight limit and were cheerily waved through even after declaring the vials of morphine and hypodermic syringes destined for the ship’s medical box. Next hurdle of cabin and personal inspection went swimmingly even with 3 laptops, 4 cell phones and 2 GPS. So different from last time when stony-faced guards had Jack down to bare feet holding his pants up. Even the snack bar lady wanted to perpetrate our roll of good fortune by offering to make fresh grilled cheese sandwiches on wholegrain toast and her extra large espressos sent us onwards to a normal takeoff and flight, except, with continuing good fortune, next to us sat a very interesting lady who shared our love of the Aussie bush.

Invigorating air embraced us once in Hobart where our mate greeted us with bear hugs that started the enjoyment rolling along, picking up necessary supplies like beer, wine, and cider, then fresh veggies, milk, eggs, bread and delicacies. Then we were set to rendezvous with our treasured lady after her long winter sojourn alone, left behind in the Apple Isle.

Wondering how our lady had faired, we scaled the rough vertical ladder, flung our leg over the rail now roof height above hard ground, and proceeded to turn the key with some trepidation. Immediate bliss greeted us. The cabin air smelt sweet, below as we had left her lay our folding kayak and six person life raft surrounded by cabin walls sparkling brightly just as Jude had left them. Checking her vitals gave us further cheer when discovering that our five large batteries had held their charge. In a nutshell, we seemed on the cusp of great adventures filled with Nature’s beauty, so best to continue to watch this space.

Second and third day back

Our second day back on board Banyandah resulted in a second party last night, we just can’t stop feeling like we’re on vacation! But, we know better. Often heard around here is, a few days settling in won’t hurt. There’s so much to watch and plenty of others working, which is always good entertainment. Mind you we got serious yesterday afternoon and lowered the Green Machine from off the deck to the ground two stories below, and then ferried it in two loads to a dock with a crank operated dinghy crane. What a perfect setup for launching our hefty kayak. The hand crane didn’t have the character of the one we used on Moth Creek built by Deny King. This one is utilitarian, easy, safe, and in no time this morning around ten, we launched the green thing and set off on a paddle. Navigating out the marina could have proved challenging, except GM goes under low walkway bridges so quite soon we were out into a bay more surrounded by green forest, than the few collections of cottages. Not that far away, beckoning across the furthest distance, Bruny Island blocked the east fetch.

Kettering Cricket Club

Kettering Cricket Club overlooking marina

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