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Petrea McCarthy
Many of you will know Petrea from her monthly column “Ideas Locker” in Cruising Helmsmen magazine. She’s a very talented woman. In addition to being a successful freelance writer, she’s a former professional rigger and long-term live-aboard lady who sailed many miles. We’ve known Petrea since relaunching Banyandah in 2005, and have collaborated with her on several projects. Therefore we are especially pleased to reprint what she recently wrote about us 🙂  If you ever need the help of a talented writer, contact Petrea.

“Jack is an amazing human. With his wife Jude he has made a lifetime commitment to adventure, and to the planet. He has shared much of his adventurous life, and the lessons learned, with a wide audience – thereby making a huge and positive contribution to all who follow. Jack’s books and videos continue to improve, and are offered at bargain prices. Affordable wisdom, and great entertainment at the same time. Highly recommend you take a look. Petrea McCarthy – Freelance boating writer and long term liveaboard cruising sailor.”

South China Sea
south-china-sea-mapSpratly Islands have been in the news again with the Chinese threatening US military aircraft flying over these scant coral isles that are claimed by five nations. China claims most of the South China Sea through which more than $5 trillion in global trade passes every year, and the US has said it will continue conducting patrols to assure unimpeded passage. As many of you have read, the Chinese are converting reefs to military facilities by building artificial islands.

Not so well known is that this began as long ago as 1979 when Asia’s then greatest military power, North Vietnam, occupied a number of the sand islets. We were there at that time on charter and we were attacked!

At that time Jack wrote up our experience for a US magazine – which was republished last year in his latest book – “Reflections.” He’s put that article up on our website for you to read – Running Scared at Spralty.


Glitch with our provider sending INCORRECT LINK for our Tasmania Update PDF only.
BBQ as Storm bay approached HannetsJack has sent out new links to those affected. Really sorry for the inconvenience. A few of our readers have reported receiving the original file instead of the updated version. Seems our provider may have slight glitch and you MAY have downloaded the original version. Our newest edition has the gaffer “Storm Bay” on the cover with “2015” in its lower right corner.
If in fact your cover has two vessels afloat on a blue Macquarie Harbour then you will need to download the correct version using this link.

“Not in the guide but one anchorage that I have used and found quite tenable when Wineglass Bay had too much swell was Sleepy Bay, just to the north of Wineglass. I was taking a Sydney 38 back after a Sydney Hobart and we hid in there for a while out of a gale and were joined by a larger yacht, about 70 feet. We anchored in the corner in about 5m, with I recall a coarse sand bottom which gave good holding. We wondered at the time if it had been named by Captain Cook and he had done the same thing.
Paul Jackson
Yachtmaster Ocean 3618
RYA Instructor

Requests for the Tasmania Guide Update poured in while it rained heavily over the weekend up here near mount warning. Many requests contained wonderful warm remarks that delighted us. We’re a special breed we sailors. So intimate with earth and living surrounded by natural forces and having to mange them. Enjoy .

“Hi Jack and Jude, Thanks for your wonderful guide.
Could you please send me instructions how to get the update on my iPad?”
Dear Jack and Jude,
Thanks for the updated Cruising Guides via links. They look great and are a real tribute to your hard work on them.
My partner and I are currently preparing to sail from Hobart early January and visit the Victorian Lakes district … slowly head North to spend 2016 winter in the tropics. There is a real prospect we may meet up on our journey North, I’d like that.”
“Hello Jack and Jude
Thanks you guys. The weather is a bit more serious in Tassie. Your work is a great encouragement to get out in it. I hope to get there next year” 

Tasmania Cruising Guide Updated
More anchorages – More information

Cruising Guide for Tasmania

We have completed the update of our Tasmania Cruising Guide.
All current holders of the electronic version are eligible for a free update by sending either your Invoice ID or order email address.

What’s new?

  • Deal Island in Bass Strait added
  • Maria Island added.
  • Babel Island added.
  • Eight new public mooring positions in guide
  • Marina update
  • Where to buy fuel
  • Fish Farm location chart for east coast
  • List of useful links
  • Handy list of services available for Ports around Tasmania.

Now the most comprehensive electronic guide available for Tasmania!

Adding further value to our single DVDs that could interest you –

Summer’s Coming!
We’re down to shorts and tee-shirts up here at home base in northern NSW where 30° is not uncommon. But where the good ship Banyandah lies on the west coast of Tasmania it drops to 4° or 5° overnight. Before we can head down to her for another bout of adventures, there are still several big ticket items to complete up here. Ever since building our magical ship, it has been our passion to do all our own work. It’s so rewarding and educational, but hard yakka, and at our age it’s getting a bit harder and slower.
That’s Okay – more time to ponder life and more time for the grandkids  🙂

Where to next?
Summer in Tasmania is for certain. But when those icy April winds begin to blow we’ll be going north, either to South Australia or back into the Coral Sea.

Mellish Reef Anchorage

Heralds Beacon sand islet atop Mellish Reef

Our September B-log mentioned a French development which has us yearning to re-examine that far away coral islet at Mellish Reef 550 nm from Australia’s mainland. We have fresh information on the exact location of that French Naval shipwreck featured in our Coral Sea DVD. This time we’d like to mount a full scale expedition in company with a second ship and experienced mid-ocean divers. The DUROC hit the weather edge of Mellish therefore suitable conditions to search for her remains are weather dependent. It would be a hell of place to suffer a mishap with the two of us away from our lifeline….
April/May looks a likely time frame.

Anyone interested please contact Jack with details of your experience and vessel.

Off the Tourist TrackTheSailingChannel.TV asked us to produce a trailer for our series of five DVDs Off the Tourist Track, which they will begin to stream worldwide in November 2015.

Jack found it an enjoyable challenge that took quite a long time mainly because he is still learning several new applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro, which are more powerful programs to handle HD.

The challenge of so much to show in a short time was tackled by using a large number of stills in short bursts followed by clips from the DVDs. Jack slanted the dialogue towards the overseas market telling everyone a bit about Australia from a sailor’s point of view.

Take a look, Let’s hear what you think. Comments welcome.